Empowering Islamic Retail with a
Modern Brand Experience



 The main objective is to establish a connection between the brand and its target audience. This is done by implementing touchpoints that resonate with the target crowd. 

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity System
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Website Content
  • Website Design
  • Development & Programming
  • Social Media Aggregation and Moderation

Brand Positioning Statement

Al Hudaa is a trusted Islamic retailer dedicated to providing premium quality products that blend offline and online experiences effortlessly for busy customers.

We cater to knowledge-seeking individuals, offering a curated selection of fashionable Islamic products.

Our mission is to create a welcoming and guided shopping experience where customers can find their ideal products while feeling the essence of quality.

Challenges Faced

When Al Hudaa approached Digition in 2020, their business struggled with low revenue, a lack of online presence, and limited brand awareness even within their local community in Coventry.

They primarily targeted an audience of elders above 40 years old, but they needed clarification about positioning themselves as a brand and what it truly meant to have a strong brand identity.

Target Audience

Our brand strategy aimed to expand Al Hudaa’s reach beyond the elders above 40 years old, targeting both the established community in Coventry and the younger generation within and outside the city.

By positioning Al Hudaa as a modern Islamic brand, we sought to connect with a wider audience, including the tech-savvy youth seeking authentic Islamic products.

Target Audience

Through our collaboration with Al Hudaa, we advised, proposed, and implemented a comprehensive brand strategy that revitalised their business. The brand positioning, tailored to appeal to both the elders and the younger generation, generated a remarkable increase in brand awareness and revenue.

Al Hudaa experienced an astounding 80% revenue growth, and its online presence soared, reaching customers far beyond the Coventry community.


The transformation of Al Hudaa from a struggling offline retailer to a thriving modern Islamic brand is a testament to the power of effective brand consultation.

By redefining their brand positioning and appealing to a broader target audience, Al Hudaa experienced significant growth and recognition. Today, Al Hudaa continues to expand its reach, embracing the digital landscape while staying true to its commitment to providing premium-quality Islamic products

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