Uplifting FJ London's
Crafting Custom Diamond
Jewellery Experience



In this case study, we explore our partnership with FJ London, a renowned bespoke diamond jewellery retailer specialising in creating personalised designs.

We aimed to rebrand the company and establish a strong brand identity and online presence.

By transitioning from Freelancejewelzz to FJ London, we demonstrated our expertise in enhancing brands in the luxury jewellery industry. With our collaboration, we delivered the following:

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity System
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Website Content
  • Website Design
  • Development & Programming
  • Social Media Aggregation and Moderation

The Challenge of Rebranding

FJ London approached us without a clear brand identity or digital platform. They were operating under the name ‘freelancejewelzz’. Our objective was to create a new brand identity and establish an online presence that showcased their expertise in crafting custom diamond jewellery.

The Transformation

We guided FJ London, resulting in their adoption of a new name – ‘FJ London’ – that is refined and purposeful. This name represents elegance and sophistication, emphasising their London-based heritage and creating a memorable brand image.

Services Offered

Our team provided various services to help FJ London reposition their brand and achieve growth. This included crafting a new brand name that combined their London connection with their expertise in timeless jewellery craftsmanship. We also created a comprehensive brand identity, which included a refined logo, colour palette, and design elements that reflected the company’s commitment to elegance and personalisation.

We also designed and developed FJ London’s online platform with intuitive navigation, stunning visuals, and easy-to-access information to create a seamless user experience. We also produced a robust social media strategy that leveraged the company’s unique offerings with regular posts, engaging content, and captivating visuals to showcase their craftsmanship and build an engaged online community.

As a final touch, we integrated e-commerce capabilities into the website, enabling FJ London to showcase its collection and facilitate secure transactions.


The transformation that FJ London underwent was genuinely remarkable. They adopted a new identity, and as a result, their brand recognition and engagement increased significantly.

Their website was transformed into an immersive showcase that perfectly reflected the essence of their outstanding craftsmanship.

By strategically utilising social media and e-commerce integration, FJ London was able to broaden their reach and connect with a broader range of customers.


Our work with FJ London showcases our dedication to creating personalised brand experiences. We enhanced FJ London’s distinct value proposition by providing rebranding, web development, and social media strategy services. The successful transition from Freelancejewelzz to FJ London is evidence of our proficiency in elevating luxury brands and ensuring their digital presence stands out.

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