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Driven and Dedicated

Our Story

Digition was born in 2018 when Saif and Zan started the Agency as a brand consultant agency.

They have realized the potential for businesses to grow from simple websites to successful brands in the modern digital world.

Branding is crucial in today’s competitive business world. It helps businesses stand out in a noisy marketplace and stay ahead of the competition.

Digition has come a long way in the past few years, from a team of two creating simple websites to a full-service brand consulting agency with a consistently growing team of nine industrious employees.

Digition CEO Saif Hafeel

Saif Hafeel

Chief Visionary | Brand Strategist

Saif Hafeel is the CEO of Digition. Current leader of the company and is responsible for setting the overall vision and strategy for the company. They also oversee all aspects of the company’s operations, including marketing, sales, and finance.

He has a background in marketing, branding, or business. He has a deep understanding of the principles of branding and how to create a strong brand identity. He is also able to think strategically and develop effective marketing campaigns.

Saif is a visionary leader who is able to inspire and motivate their team. Saif has a very strong relationship with clients and partners.

Faw Zan

Chief Operating Officer | Operations | Performance



Faw Zan brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as Chief Operating Officer at Digition, where he oversees business processes, overall company performance, and operational excellence. With a proven track record of success in driving strategic growth and streamlining operations, Faw Zan is a key player in Digition’s continued expansion and success.

Faw Zan

Junaid Khan

Marketing Strategist | Growth Evangelist



Junaid Khan is a seasoned marketing professional with a proven track record of driving revenue growth in competitive markets. He brings years of experience to Digition, where he serves as the company’s Market Growth Specialist.

Junaid is passionate about developing and executing strategic marketing plans that deliver measurable results. He has a deep understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior, which enables him to craft effective campaigns that resonate with target audiences.

Lee Jones

Art Director | Lead Designer | Strategist


Lee Jones is a multi-talented Art Director with a passion for creating visually compelling and engaging designs that drive results. At Digition he serves as the company’s Lead Designer.

Lee is an expert in brand design and has a keen eye for detail. He is skilled in a variety of design disciplines, including graphic design, web design, and illustration. He is also proficient in a variety of design software, including Adobe Creative Suite.

Lee Jones
Mohamed Khan

Mohamed Khan

CTO | Technical Expert


Mohamed Khan is a visionary and accomplished technology leader with over 8 years of experience spearheading innovative technology initiatives across diverse industries.

As Digition’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), he plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s technological landscape and driving its digital transformation journey.

Arshath K

Brand Designer


Arshath is a master of visual communication, possessing an innate ability to translate brand essence into compelling designs that resonate with target audiences. His expertise lies in conceptualising and executing comprehensive brand identity systems, encompassing logos, typography, color palettes, and brand guidelines.

As Lead Brand Designer, Arshath oversees the entire brand design process, from initial concept development to final implementation. He collaborates closely with the marketing team to ensure that brand design aligns seamlessly with the company’s overall strategy and messaging.



Media Strategist | Media Production

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, Mohamed stands as a visionary Media Strategist, spearheading Digition’s video production initiatives.

He is multi-talented, crafting captivating visuals that resonate with audiences; Mohamed has established himself as a driving force behind Digition’s brand storytelling.

Mohamed’s passion for video production stems from its unique ability to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers, connecting with viewers on an emotional level. He possesses an innate understanding of audience engagement, ensuring that every video he produces is not only visually appealing but also narratively compelling.

At Digition, Mohamed oversees the entire video production process, from concept development to final distribution. He meticulously selects the most suitable video format, whether it’s an informative explainer video, a captivating product demonstration, or an emotionally charged brand story.