The Purposeful Rebranding Journey of Sadhaqatul Jaariyah to Sadhaqa.


The process of rebranding Sadhaqatul Jaariyah to Sadhaqa was an ambitious undertaking, accompanied by a series of challenges. Among these obstacles were the absence of an established online presence, the imperative to redesign the current logo, and the need to enhance the organisation’s brand positioning.

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity System
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Website Content
  • Website Design
  • Development & Programming
  • Social Media Aggregation and Moderation

Rebrand Goals

During the rebranding process, our primary objective was to create a new logo identity that would embody simplicity, appropriateness, and memorability for Sadhaqa.

Our vision was to design a logo that would stand the test of time, ensuring there would never be a need for another rebrand. In parallel, we aimed to establish a consistent brand positioning that resonated with Sadhaqa’s mission and values.

Rebranding goals typically involve updating or changing a company’s brand image, messaging, and positioning in the marketplace.

Common objectives of a rebranding effort include improving brand recognition, refreshing an outdated image, better aligning the brand with the company’s mission and values, and attracting new customers or differentiating from competitors.


UI/UX Design and Development Challenges

Designing a UI/UX for a charity website is no ordinary feat. It’s about striking a delicate balance between stirring hearts and facilitating action.


Drowning visitors in sob stories can lead to compassion fatigue. But neglecting emotional impact undermines the cause. So, we use impactful visuals and concise stories to create empathy, but keep the donation process clear and frictionless. Highlight success stories and impact reports to show action and results.

Charities need to be seen as responsible stewards of donations. But too much financial jargon can alienate audiences. Therefore, it presents financial information in an accessible and engaging way. Use clear infographics, simple language, and interactive dashboards to show budget allocation and impact.

Donors come from all walks of life, with varying tech skills and motivations. Design a user-friendly interface that caters to both tech-savvy and tech-shy individuals. Offer multiple donation options (one-time, recurring, micro-donations) and clear instructions for each.

Services Provided

To achieve Sadhaqa’s transformation, we offered an array of comprehensive services, including:

  • Brand Positioning: By conducting a meticulous core session, we gained valuable insights into Sadhaqa’s brand, users, and aspirations. This informed a compelling brand positioning strategy that remained consistent throughout their platform.


  • Brand Identity System: Our team conceptualized and designed a captivating brand identity system, centered around a new logo that perfectly encapsulates Sadhaqa’s purpose and values.


  • User Interface Design: With a user-centric approach, we crafted intuitive and visually engaging interfaces that optimize the overall user experience, promoting seamless navigation and engagement.